10 Most Romantic Cities In The World

We are getting close to Valentine's Day, and people all over will be celebrating this day in romantic cities all around the world.

There are many hot spots that would make the perfect location for a romantic setting. We take a look at some of the top 10 favorites in Europe.

1. Paris

Paris has always been known as the city of love, but there is one special spot that is known as the Lovers Bridge which passes the River with beautiful views looking over the Notre-Dame, making it a sight to remember.

2. Lisbon

The Belem Tower has got to be the most perfect spot for romance. This tower is located in the middle of the waters of the Tagus River, with beautiful views making it a perfect memorable location.

3. Madrid

There are many spots in Madrid which make a great setting for couples to walk hand in hand enjoying each others company.

A couple of hot spots include the Palacio de Cristal, a stunning piece of architecture which would make a romantic spot for someone to pop the question.

4. London

We have all heard of the London Eye, but how many people know that you can actually secure one of the capsules for private use, making it the perfect spot for a romantic view of the city with your special loved one.

5. Barcelona

There are great spots in Barcelona to enjoy a glass of wine or two with that special person in your life.
One such spot located over the harbor of the city is the Montjuic hill.

6. Venice

There are many beautiful spots in Venice, and one such place is the Dorsoduro district which offers
fantastic architectural creations. You'll find many beautiful views here to share with your partner.

7. Prague

Kampa in Prague is known as a great spot for romance. You will find many great areas here including stunning parks and perfect spots for dinner with your partner.

8. Rome

The Villa Borghese gardens would make a great place for a romantic stroll with your partner. This is Rome's biggest park, filled with greenery and offers couples some amazing views over the city.

9. Budapest

Hungary offers great spots to create the perfect setting for love. You'll find unique towers and buildings, and many spots perfect for that stroll with your other half.

10. Berlin

Even though Berlin is not really known for being a place for romance, there is one spot that is great to share with your loved one.

Amazing architectural structures can be seen in the Pfaueninsel island, providing a pleasant and memorable experience.